Recent Activity


SlotGAN: Detecting Mentions in Text via Adversarial Distant Learning
Daniel Daza, Michael Cochez, and Paul Groth, in ACL 2022 Workshop on Structured Prediction for NLP
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Complex Query Answering with Neural Link Predictors
Erik Arakelyan, Daniel Daza, Pasquale Minervini, and Michael Cochez, in ICLR 2021 (Outstanding Paper Award).
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Inductive Entity Representations from Text via Link Prediction
Daniel Daza, Michael Cochez, and Paul Groth, in The Web Conference 2021.
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Approximate Knowledge Graph Query Answering: From Ranking to Binary Classification
Ruud van Bakel, Teodor Aleksiev, Daniel Daza, Dimitrios Alivanistos, and Michael Cochez, in International Workshop on Graph Structures for Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, 2020.
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Message Passing Query Embedding
Daniel Daza and Michael Cochez, in ICLR 2020 Workshop on Graph Representation Learning and Beyond.
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A Modular Framework for Unsupervised Graph Representation Learning
Daniel Daza, Master's Thesis (2019), supervisor: Thomas Kipf.