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The Variational Autoencoder

9 minute read

In this notebook we are interested in the problem of inference in a probabilistic model that contains both observed and latent variables, which can be repres...

The Multi-armed Bandit Problem

5 minute read

In this problem we are faced with a set of $k$ bandits, each of which gives an uncertain reward. The main purpose is to find the set of actions that lead to ...

Neural networks from scratch with NumPy

19 minute read

Neural networks are very popular function approximators used in a wide variety of fields nowadays and coming in all kinds of flavors, so there are countless ...

Sequential Bayesian linear regression

5 minute read

When we perform linear regression using maximum likelihood estimation, we obtain a point estimate of the parameters $\mathbf{w}$ of the linear model. The Bay...

Maximum a posteriori signal detection

3 minute read

Digital signals are all around us. From the phone in our pockets to the massive infrastructure behind the Internet, they have enabled a wide variety of techn...

Linear models for regression: an example

4 minute read

In this notebook we will examine different ways to train linear models for a regression problem. In this problem we have a dataset of N input variables $\mat...

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