My research focuses on machine learning for extraction of structured information, mainly in the form of graphs. I am particularly interested in unsupervised and semi-supervised learning methods that leverage large amounts of unlabeled data.

I write about machine learning algorithms and their implementations in my blog.


2021 2020 2019
  • I have obtained my MSc degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Amsterdam, with distinction cum laude. In my thesis I worked on the topic of graph representation learning, under the supervision of a Thomas Kipf.
  • I have presented my MSc thesis at UCL in London, at the Workshop on graphs for machine learning and sequential decision making. See my poster here.
  • I attended the TomTom AI summer school. We even got to train our own self-driving car! Some thoughts and pictures on LinkedIn.
  • I wrote a blog post on computing optimal transport costs with PyTorch.